Key Features of Spintrak

Variable zoom microscope to obtain same image size on screen for any given capillary Size.

  1. Usable for cross checking of incoming spinerrettes against specifications

Self-calibration using a NIST traceable reticle before each inspection run ensures high accuracy and repeatability

Optional provision of counterbore view possible (in select models).

User selected pass-fail criteria is easily established by selecting measurements, tolerances, acceptable failed capillaries, number of accep plugged capillaries.

Inspects capillaries ranging from 0.020mm to 5.0mm in diameter and inspects capillaries ranging from 0.1:1 to 25:1 in length:diameter ratio at speeds of up to 0.35 seconds per capillary.

Inspects all types of capillaries, including complex cross sections and multilocular cross sections. Inspection time remains same for all capillary shapes for any number of measurements.

Remote diagnostics allow troubleshooting or upgrades without a service call.

After automatic inspection, each spinnerette is objectively qualified as either “Passed” or “Failed”, according to the selected inspection criteria.

Automatic correctional and focusing algorithms are built into the software, allowing inspection of warped and convex spinnerettes.

Inspection data is stored for data analysis, using pictorial and graphical representation to provide insight into the cleaning and extrusion processes.

Automatic air purge cleans annoying dirt, fingerprints, cleaning beads, and other debris from the capillaries before the inspection is completed.

Inspection review tools include on-screen capillary images, measurement data, free roam control, and report generation.

Capillary illuminator provides immediate visual identification of defective capillaries using a light pointing device.

Automatic learn feature allows SpinTrak to learn new capillary patterns and sizes by scanning the spinnerette in low magnification.




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