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Why Do I Need SpinTrak

  • Eliminates operator errors resulting from fatigue and subjectivity.
  • Allows 100% inspection due to fast speeds.
  • Increases fiber quality and consistency.
  • Eliminates extrusion problems such as slow holes, drips, stoppages and dog legs.
  • Eliminates immediate position failures due to spinnerette problems.
  • Maximizes spinnerette run times.
  • Minimizes change over times.
  • Ensures efficient spinnerette inventory rotation by ranking all spinnerettes by condition.
  • Detects cleaning and extrusion problems through analysis of spinnerette and capillary data.
  • Decreases the waste of material and operator time.
  • Maximizes profits through minimized risk.
  • Reduces cost of replacing and refurbishing spinnerettes
  • With better / maintained spinnerettes , more $ / kg can be achieved
  • Optimizes yield performance with reduced rejects and defects
  • Improves product quality and yield by screening out defective spinnerettes
  • Tests for proper dimensions after capillaries have been repaired
  • Provides quantitative data of capillary uniformity
  • Allows easy use by both production and technical personnel

SpinTrak is an Industry leader in automated spinnerette inspection systems, approved and used by all major manufacturers the world over.

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